Type 16 Oil Pump Jacks

Type 16 Oil Pump Jack
Peak Torque Rating 16,000 in. lb.
Unit Structure Rating 4,300 lbs.
Can be used on oil wells down to 2,300 ft.
Adjustable stroke lengths 16", 20", 24", 30"
Structural steel is fabricated from type ASTM A-36 Steel
Walking Beam S8 @ 18.4 I-Beam
Pitman Arm C4 @ 7.25 Channel
Main T Base C6 @ 8.2 Channel
Horse Head side plates 1/4" Thick
Welders are all AWS Certified
Unit is completely primed then painted with High Performance Industrial Paint Gears and Pinions are case hardened
Standard items included with Type 16 Pump Jack: Brake assembly
Bridle assembly
Motor Mounts ​
Optional Items Supplied at additional cost: 70 - 72 lb. counter weights
Boat/Base (4 1/4" diameter pipe)
Channel wide base
Guard cover for sheave pulley and belt
Motor slide base
Motor (Electric or Gas)
Shipping ​

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